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Bad Tip About Writing: Plagiarism Is Entitled To Be Penalized

Bad Tip About Writing: Plagiarism Is Entitled To Be Penalized

Some people understand that plagiarism is not necessarily deceitful or deserving censure, writes Jennifer A. Mott-Smith while most believe the contrary.

“College Plagiarism Reaches All-Time Tall”

Studies Find More Pupils Cheating, With A High Achievers No Exception”

Headlines such as these from The Huffington Post and the newest York occasions scream at us about a rise in plagiarism. As being a culture, we feel embattled, in the middle of falling criteria; we bemoan the increasing immorality of our youth. Plagiarism, we realize, can be an act that is immoral a easy case of right and incorrect, and therefore, is entitled to be penalized.

But, there is nothing easy about plagiarism. The more inconsistencies we find, and the more confusion in fact, the more we examine plagiarism.

It is often spoken of as a crime how we think about the issue of plagiarism is clouded by the fact that. Plagiarism is not just viewed as immoral; it’s viewed as stealing — the stealing of tips or terms.