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7 Icelandic women who changed the way we come across the planet

7 Icelandic women who changed the way we come across the planet

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In certain, Dogg Mosesdottir and Helga Rakel Rafnsdottir, who’re in the board of females in Film and tv in Iceland, were considering Sweden and Norway as fashions to emulate. “Swedish research recently confirmed that when you implement most of these quotas, mediocre men are out from the game, whereas expert girls make the minimize,” Dogg informed Ras 2. In Norway, a system that is analogous effortlessly completed, simply to start to see the selection of girls in movie bringing down once more when the quota system ended up being dismantled.

Icelandic federal federal government appoints PM that is new and phone calls to resign

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Today Iceland has one of the better documents on the planet for feminine governmental example. At its top in 2016, virtually forty eight per cent associated with the elected people of Iceland’s Parliament was girls. That figure now sits at round 38 p.c, nevertheless it’s still far above countries just as the U.S. the accepted spot girls compensate 23.7 p.c of Congress. After that Iceland has seen waves of modification. A Gender Equality Act had been finalized in 1976 and, after Finnbogadottir’s election as president, the Women’s Alliance was launched using the aim of propelling more females into politics and gained its very first parliamentary seats in 1983.