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No Woman No Cry

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No Woman No Cry

Several non-Jamaican guys really like Jamaican girls and ask the question So how do you get Jamaican girl?” Here are 7 Ideas on Acquiring a Jamaican Girlfriend and Keeping Her. I was in an on the internet debate relating to a news story where the wife slept with Joe the bartender and the husband was satisfied with it and a single woman proclaimed that if she slept with Joe the bartender her husband would bust a cap in Joe the Bartender’s ass. This is what I in no way realize with folks in a connection, specifically married folks. Joe the bartender was in no way a element of their marriage, the only two folks involved in that connection is the two folks who created the vows or promise to each and every other, it is those two folks who must preserve their Willy in their pants or their legs close to other folks outside of the connection.

The Sunday Gleaner gave us one thing to talk about this week: DNA tests to prove paternity in Jamaica result in a single third of Jamaican guys carrying out the test locating out that they are not the child father. This is supposedly larger than in other countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. Significantly shock and significantly cussing all round.

Now, as he has been sworn-in to take his seat as President of Liberia, there is some buzz about other aspects of his life. President-elect Weah has had numerous extramarital affairs, nonetheless, his legal” wife is also due to take the seat of the Very first Lady or is she? Let’s examine the special loved ones dynamics of President George and Clar Weah.

These are the identical folks who curse the Government for not Letting Off ( giving freely) the countries resources, we want free of charge light, free of charge water and free of charge residence but have no difficulty borrowing funds to attend parties. Some of these folks typically use the Poverty Card as a implies to an end. They virtually riots when $20 was added to the value of a patty, saying that the government was trying to kill poor folks. They do not have any Private Responsibility, the Government need to let off and Jamaicans in foreign countries must send them funds and barrels.

We have been provided manuscripts containing debates right after debates in the British parliament about the colonies, slavery and emancipation, as effectively as different concerns affecting the British Economy and the distinct interest of the British society. Although reading and analysing different debates, we came across a passage that mentioned Jamaica was now costing Britain 10,000 a lot more shillings per year than she earns. It seemed slavery was no longer earning Britain as significantly funds as just before and was now costing Britain funds, and you can not have that, why must industrialist finance a bunch of farmers in this black colony.

I do not believe that black folks or any other human getting for that matter are genetically predisposed to violence, so why then are some black folks acting inferior and like savages towards each and every other in a single of the world’s richest and most effective country? For the most element American Black Ghettos have been not developed by accident, they have been engineered into existence and what is happening jamaican mail order brides right now is by design and style, a method that was put in spot extended ago to develop a culture of ignorance and violence within the black population which is now self-sustaining, taking on a life of its own, although the folks who helped to engineer this circumstance, sit back and take pleasure in their handy perform.

Jose Luís R. Tejón


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